You don't need to offer BMW bikes and Mercedes-Benz to hire tech talent

Everyone knows that the competition for tech talent has been getting fierce.

Yet, people couldn’t believe when this post came out of BharatPe, a fintech startup in India:

Many thought it was a stunt - after all, startups are known to do such crazy things.

So it caused a different level of hysteria when HCL, an IT services company announced that it was going to offer Mercedes-Benz to its top performing (IT)

This isn’t a great hiring strategy. And these companies know it.

If you are taking these at the face value, you are perhaps wrong.

When we asked this question on Twitter, it did seem many people took it at face value:

But here is what’s more likely.

These companies didn’t mean to use these things as the primary tools to attract/retain talent. It was more likely to do just one thing - to stand out capture such public attention for FREE.

And they definitely succeeded in this.

Then what is the needed to hire tech talent?

Not BMWs. Not Mercedez-Benz. Just common senz. :)

While there is indeed a challenge to hire great tech talent, the main problem is - companies blindly copying each other.

If you play the same game the way everyone else is playing, then it becomes a matter of luck.

You can make your own luck by playing the game differently, and in fact, change the game altogether.

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